Dr. Mappes has taught Bible, theology, and pastoral theology courses since 1997 along with proving hundreds of training sessions and papers. Please see the Resume/ CV for a complete list of seminaries and universities where Dr. Mappes has taught. Courses include:

Baptist Bible Seminary, Clarks Summit, PA

  • Master courses include Ecclesiology and Baptist Church Distinctives; Eschatology (rapture and tribulation); Biblical Theology of Apologetics; Daniel-Revelation; Spiritual Life/ Formation; Post-conservative Theology; Principles of Biblical Interpretation; Introduction to Theology; Contemporary Theological Issues.
  • DMin courses include Centrality of Scripture for Ministry; Prophetic Themes Impacting the Church; Biblical Spirituality for the Pastor and His People; Contemporary Theological Issues and Movements.
  • Ph.D. courses include: Advanced Issues in Ecclesiology; Centrality of Scripture for Ministry; Advanced Issues in Dispensational Bible Analysis; History of Christian Doctrine; Advanced Issues on Theological Method; Advanced Eschatology
    Undergraduate courses include Theological Distinctives of Eschatology and Ecclesiology; Genesis.

Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

  • Graduate courses include Old Testament Orientation; Introduction to OT Literature; Psalms; Two New Testament Literature courses: (Gospels, General Epistles, and Revelation) and (Acts and Pauline literature); Hermeneutics; Corinthian Literature.

Columbia International University, Columbia, SC

  • Undergraduate and graduate courses: New Testament Survey, Romans.

College of Biblical Studies, Houston, TX

  • Undergraduate courses: Pentateuch, Special Issues in Acts and Pauline Epistles, Advanced Hermeneutics, Prophets, Old Testament Historical Literature.

Cedarville University, Cedarville, OH

  • Undergraduate courses include General Epistles, Introductory Bible Study, New Testament Literature, Old Testament Literature, God and Church Theology, Pastoral Counseling, Pastoral Ministry, Exposition of Acts, Spiritual Formation, Senior Seminar courses.

Southwestern College, Phoenix, AZ

  • Undergraduate courses include General Bible Interpretation; Advanced Theology; Gospel of John; Genesis; Corinthian Epistles; Pastoral Epistles; Peter’s Epistles and Jude; Old Testament Survey; Life of Christ; Advanced Greek/Hebrew Tools Class.