The “BIBL 1414 Prophets” course is scheduled for 01/09/23 – 05/15/23  AND the “BIBL 3313: Special Issues in the Prophetic Literature Virtual Face-to-Face” course is scheduled for 04-24-23 – 5-22-23  on  Monday 5:30pm – 9:30pm

Please always review your school course home page for course information.  For non-required enrichment reading I suggest reviewing “Theological Compendium section” and published articles entitled, “Literal Interpretation and Theological Method: What Is It and How to Do It?” and “Navigating the Theological Fog” in Israel My Glory. Click here for some unpublished, enrichment material for the course. Once the BIBL 3313 course begins students can click here to see some unpublished material the professor may use in the course.