“Progress of Redemption” BIB 6310 course is scheduled for July 2024.

Please always review your school course home page for course information.  For non-required, enrichment reading I suggest reviewing the “Theological Compendium” section and published articles entitled, “How to Think about and Practice Theology” and “Literal Interpretation and Theological Method: What Is It and How to Do It?” in Ariel Ministries ” along with some tips in Research Methodology” in the footer section of the web page.  Hope you enjoy my web page. I will be listing some additional suggested reading material. Please always email me through your institutional email web service for any course-related questions. You may cite any of the scholarly, published articles on this website as scholarly sources providing the article(s) intersect with the subject matter you are researching. However, conference papers, study notes, theological compendium papers etc. do not qualify as scholarly material for your research papers unless approved in writing.